Angry Bear Vs. Summer

This is how 99.9% of Las Vegas women will spend their summer.


This is how I will spend the next 6 months:


My latest visit to the rheumatologist went well. However, I have been banned from the sun. Indefinitely. While my doctor is still working on a diagnosis as to what auto immune disease I’m suffering from, I have developed photosensitivity.

In other words, being in the sun for more than a few minutes makes me break out into a rash and usually leaves me with a headache.

I’ve been given strict instructions to stay covered from now until October. Hat, long sleeves, pants and SPF 100. No sun tanning for me. Ever again.

This blows. I’m angry and frustrated and bummed and a bunch of other emotions I can’t put into words yet.

Looks like I’ll have to invest in tanning lotions so I don’t turn transparent.

Any recommendations?