Angry Bear Syndrome

Whore Hair

Apparently, I cannot be bothered to actually READ the labels on the hair color boxes. So instead of ending up with my normal color when I dyed my hair last night, I ended up with Whore Red.

Light INTENSE Red = Whore hair color



Light Natural Auburn = Margie hair color



This was an epic fail on my part.

So far everyone likes my new color, but it was a bit of a shock to see a head of bright red hair in the mirror when I wasn’t expecting it.



Learn from my mistake people. READ THE BOX. Don’t end up with whore hair.

Once  the “intense red” color dies down after 4-5 washings, I will probably no longer have whore hair.

….or it will grow on me and I’ll keep the Whore Red look for a while.

We’ll see.

A Dress Broke The Internet

I’ve tried to stay away from the dress White/blue dress phenomenon. You know the dress I’m talking about. It practically broke the internet this week.

  • New York Times – You might See white and gold but it’s actually blue and black
  • Wired – The Science behind the dress
  • CNN – What the Fuck color is this dress?!?
  • Washington Post – Here’s the dude behind the dress
  • ABCNews – More debating the Dress
  • Huffington Post – It’s actually a mother-of-the-bride dress
  • CinemaBlend – Ellen DeGeneres even overnighted the dress


…..I know the freaking dress is blue and black, but I STILL see white and gold.

Coffee Sketch

This isn’t a real post. I cleaned up and colored a doodle I did the other day and wanted to share.

This is the end result. 🙂



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