Mind the dust and beware of spiders

Hello Internet!

Please mind the dust,  after such a long hiatus I have a LOT of tidying up to do. Expect some heavy updates in the coming weeks. We have so much to catch up on.

It’s no secret that I have an insane, irrational fear/phobia of spiders. I hate them.

And thanks to you dear internet, my friends are never in short supply of memes to torment me with. Here are just a few…


umm… just no.


you got that right!


…and now they’ve ruined cake.

What did cake ever do to deserve that?!?


When you find a spider in your house and just killed it with fire.

Because irrational fears deserve the nothing less than to meet their demise with a flame thrower.

Or a match.

I’m not that picky.

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