It Tastes Like Blue

I’m not a big fan of energy drinks, they’re just not my thing. They either taste like elephant pee or they’re so full of artificial sweetener that I get a migraine after one sip.

Okay, they don’t really taste like elephant pee. I have no idea what elephant pee tastes like, but I imagine it is pretty nasty.

Everyone around the office seems to love energy drinks so I make an effort to at least try them.

Thus far, the only acceptable one I’ve found is Monster Energy – Ultra Blue.
What does it taste like?
I asked the very same thing when it was first given to me. The answer I got was “it tastes like blue.”

Not Blueberry or Blue -raspberry or berry blue, just blue.

As in the color blue.

How the fuck does something taste like a color?!? To me, the Ultra Blue drink tastes more like sweet tarts than anything else. However, my opinion has been over ruled. By everyone.

A DRINK CANNOT TASTE LIKE A COLOR! This is anarchy people. It’s a color, like the ones you find in the crayon box. Colors do not come in flavors. Its a freaking color. Something can’t taste like blue.



I give up.

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