Winter is Coming

Yes, I know it IS winter. I mean is winter is coming here, to Las Vegas. Also, after watching a marathon of Game of Thrones episodes its just fun to say.

I did not approve of this winter.

According to the local news stations, a blizzard Armageddon is heading straight for us. We might even get two whole inches of snow.

News 3 – Frostbite and Hypothermia for everyone! Happy New Year!
8 News Now – The Snow will Never end.
13 Action News – Temperatures might drop to the 20’s. We’re all going to die.

In defence of the meteorologists, the desert really doesn’t see much action. We don’t have tornadoes or hurricanes. It only rains every other month or so, except during monsoon. In which case it rains twice a month.

And you can only make wind advisories so exciting. So when “snow” is on the horizon we get a week of “holy f*** the sky is falling!”

Unless there is an Earthquake. They can run with an earthquake for months.

The last time snow accumulated in the Las Vegas valley was 2008. I mean it.

So when does doomsday fall? You guessed it, New Year’s Eve. All the crazies will be out partying on the strip, slowly turning into meat popsicles because they were stupid enough to wear flip-flops, shorts and mini skirts out in the cold with no coat.

I will be inside where it is toasty warm.

Unless Bear has the urge to pee.

In which case my evening will go something like this…


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