Throwback Thursday: Take 1

I figured I give this Throwback Thursday thing a try. From what I understand I can get away with slapping up a picture, adding a few words about some event that happened a million years ago and call that a post.

Am I right? …marginally close?

Whatever. Let’s do this thing.

I grew up in a big yellow house in the country.


We also had a small farm. With, Goats, geese, rabbits and chickens. In my spare time I knitted sweaters for my pet chickens. (Yes, I’m joking. You can read more about that topic here.)



The goats did follow me around quite a bit though. We had a good thing going. They let me pet them and I kept my pockets filled with plenty of treats. My dad complained that I was making the goats fat but , come on, they’re goats! They’re supposed to be a little on the fluffy side.

We also had a garden. I’m not talking a little dinky garden you grow in your backyard with a few planters. We had an entire acre for a garden.

an ACRE. That fucker was huge. And when you’re a little kid, it seemed like went on forever.


My dad would clear the land every spring and we’d plant EVERYTHING. Corn, peas, strawberries, rhubarb, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, etc…

If my sister’s or I got in trouble, our punishment was to weed the garden. Which took all day. And it was horrible. Mostly I think my dad punished us for stuff so HE wouldn’t have to weed the damn thing.



…well, crap. So much for my post about nothing. I can’t even do this Throwback Thursday thing right. Oh well.

I leave you with a picture of my sister’s and me on dad’s tracker. I’m the squishy lil’ lemon drop sitting in dad’s lap. I think I was about a year old when this was taken.



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