In which I am Smart than Dr. K ….Kind of

As I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning, I received a rather familiar frantic phone call from Dr. K (the roommate).

Dr K: I can’t find my car keys. They were on the kitchen counter and now they’re not. And I don’t know where they went!

Me: Did you put them in your work bag when you were getting ready? Did they fall off the counter?

Dr. K: No. And they’re not on the floor.

Me: Okay. ….you didn’t leave them in the car ignition again did you?

Dr. K: No.

Me: Did they get shoved under the paper work on the kitchen table?

Dr. K: No.

Me: Are you sure you didn’t put them in your work bag?

Dr. K: Yes I’m sure, I already checked.

Me: ….You’re not holding the keys in your other hand are you?

Dr. K: What? NO! This isn’t funny! I can’t find my keys, what am I supposed to do???

Me: Search the house until you find them. Are you positive didn’t drop them in your work bag?

Dr. K: Argh! I can’t deal with you right now. Bye

2 mins and 37 seconds later (not that I was counting or anything) I got a text message

Dr. K
They were in my work bag. thx.

For the record, I hadn’t even had my morning cup of coffee yet. 

Angry Bear = 1
Dr. K = 0

I’d tell you it was psychic intuition or some other bullshit, except that Dr. K tends to “misplace” her car keys in her work bag every other week or so.

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