A Week in Review

Since I’m still working on a real post, here is a quick review of what I have been up to this week.

1. I designed the iTunes CD Cover for Amber Norgaard’s latest single Raise Me Up


2. New house is in the works! Granted right now it’s just a big pile of dirt, but in less than 4 months it will be real house!


3. My mother had minor back surgery. I took off work for a few days to stay at my sister’s place and help take care of mom while she was recuperating. Mostly I had to remind her she’d just had back surgery and she’s not supposed to lift anything. (The pain killers the doctor put her on made her feel fantastic.)

Anyway, one morning my sister’s cat Agave was trying really, really hard to get my attention but I was dead to the word.

And it was all caught on video for your amusement. 🙂


4. I missed out on Free Comic Book Day, but I did celebrate May the 4th Be With You by watching the Original Star Wars Trilogy. 🙂


5. I started reading a new book series. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

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