A week of Procrastination

So, this post was supposed to be about the Flogging Molly concert I attended last weekend and the multiple panic attacks I had. There is a reason I avoid public places as 99% of the time I have to be medicated in order to survive being surrounded by people and not having a full on anxiety attack. But I LOVE the band, and I really, REALLY wanted to see them preform live.
And the experience was awful, but totally worth it.

In any case, I’m not finished writing that post yet. Because it’s hard to write about and I hate dealing with anything remotely to do with emotions. While I convince myself to just post the bloody thing, I decided to share all the things I discovered on the internet while procrastinating this week.

Yay procrastination!

  • The Guild – I love this web series! This pretty much sums up what my life is like as a geek and World of Warcraft gamer. Yep, I have no life.
  • THIS was was full of awesome until I read it was a total hoax two minutes later. Facebook is full of lies!
  • I painted my first commissioned pet portrait in acrylic. Yes, the roommate Dr. K was my guinea pig for this experiment, but it turned out rather well if I do say so myself. You can see the before and after photos on Instagram.
  • My mother and I are putting the finishing touches on the design of our new house! That’s right, I’ll be getting new digs later this year. Let me tell you, home buying is exhausting! But my mommy needs me and now that her health is starting to improve, she can finally start doing fun things again. So buying a new home is a rather exciting adventure!
  • Christina Bianco Sings ‘Let It Go’ as Famous Female Vocalists – I cannot begin to describe how cool this is!

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