Batman vs. Superman Debate 2014

Sorry everyone, I was going to blog this earlier in the week, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. 😦  There is some disease spreading like wildfire at work. I’m convinced it’s some form of plague.

I need plague killing spray.

Or mace. Whatever will keep the sick people away from me.

So, anyway, I FINALLY got around to watching the new Superman movie Man of Steel last weekend. Holy crap was that movie good! Zod was bad ass. You learned more about what happened on Krypton and the fight scenes were amazing!

But it all comes down to this, who is the greater superhero Batman or Superman? Lizzie and I debated this at great length.

Lizzie: I thought it was the best superman I’ve ever seen. I hope the new movie will live up to it

Me: I loved what they did with Zod

Lizzie: me too! He was just a man that didn’t know anything else
you felt bad because he was genetically bred to be a warhorse

Me: Yep, and it explains why Kal-El’s parents risked so much to save him
They never explain that part in the original movies

Lizzie: Nope. I felt like this movie was more realistic. Him not wanting to be a “hero” and feeling like an outsider

Me: But he’s still such a boy scout

Lizzie: and SO pretty! Amy Adams said when they were filming and he’d smile at her she’d forget her lines. I would have too!

Me: But the dude can’t not be a hero. He doesn’t have that whole internal demon thing going on like Batman does.

Lizzie: He had parents that loved him

Me: So did Batman

Lizzie: Batman watched his parents die………and felt responsible. Superman had 4 parents. Batman only had 2 and they died early

Me: Superman lost is entire planet! In the comics and in the movies he was always running off saving something. Because he could F***ing hear everything

Lizzie: That can’t be your basis for who is the better superhero. Batman could hold his own with NO powers at all. Superman never used his damn lasers! Lex deserved some lasers.

Me: No, actually my basis for who is the better superhero is that fact that is more fun to put your hands on your hips and say “I’m Batman”

Lizzie: …you’ve been pro-Superman this WHOLE time!

Me: I was trying to give Superman the benefit of the doubt, but he’s still a pussy compared to Batman. Batman is more human because he is flawed. And he’s okay with he’s flaws! He rocks his flaws!

Lizzie: EXACTLY! You needs some baggage to not be so pompous. The flaws make him a better hero.  …Batman crosses his arms and he never actually says “I’m Batman”. He did once or twice but he never announces himself. He’s too cool for that.

Me: …When Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) does his batman impersonation, doesn’t he put his hands on his hips? That’s what I ALWAYS think of whenever someone says “I’m Batman”


I couldn’t find an example of Sheldon with his hands on his hips. I did find this one though. It makes me laugh. 🙂

Lizzie: That was Adam West…….he was the retro batman. They’ve since made him more moody. Adam was a happier Batman, if there is such a thing

Me: Oh, do you remember the old TV show The Greatest American Hero? Dude got the Superman like powers from a spacesuit. Only he had no idea what he was doing?

Lizzie: LOVE GAH! He couldn’t land to save himself!

Me: If Superman had started out like that it might have humanized him more

Me: …Great, now I have the theme song to GAH stuck in my head

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