Redheads vs. Blondes

I was going to entertain you all with the heralding debate I had today about Batman vs. Superman. Once again proving that, yes, I am a total geek. However, said debate is still on going. I imagine we will reach some sort of impasse tomorrow, which will allow me to actually write about it.

I’ll keep you posted.

So, in the interim, may I present a redhead and a blonde.



Acrylic on 6×6 art board. This was my first attempt at hazel eyes. Not sure how well I did, but the end result turned out rather pretty overall.

The BLONDE20140127-202325.jpg

Acrylic on 6×6 art board. I tried a new wash technique with the eye in my latest painting. Blue is a pretty easy color to work with. I built up several layers of deep blue and teal washes before adding the highlights.


I’m not sure why, but the eyes have always been a focal point for my paintings. Maybe it’s that whole window to the soul thing.
…or maybe it’s just because they’re fun to paint. 🙂

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