Dyslexic Confessions

I love to read, but being dyslexic can make it challenging at times. I mix up letters and numbers. I can’t tell my left from my right, giving me an awful sense of direction.

I’m very much a visual learner, that’s probably why I clung so tightly to art in grade school.

Here are a few classic dyslexic mix-ups

  • i before e except after c.  That works great unless, like me, ther, their and thier look like the same damn word.
  • My 4th grade teacher called me up in front of the class because the “Once upon a time” story I had written started out with “Once apon a time”.
  • She had me write Apon on the board and asked everyone why it was wrong. I didn’t understand the class was laughing at me. I still struggle telling the difference between upon, apon and open to this day.
  • I sometimes read the word photography as pornography. It makes me giggle every time.
  • Something that sounds right in my head with come out backwards when I say it aloud
  • Trying to read Shakespeare gives me a migraine
  • I will definitely spell defiantly wrong every single time

The odd thing is, while I’ve struggled with reading and writing, I can easily learn programing languages like HTML and Javascript. Rarely do I invert letters and numbers while coding.

I think I was given an Abby Normal brain at birth. Even my dyslexia doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.


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