2013 In Review

2013 started out rather turbulently for me. My father had past away suddenly and unexpectedly a few months earlier. My mother had just been diagnosed with an inoperable tumor that left her with months, instead of years, left to live. The doctors were convinced she wouldn’t see another Christmas.

The level of emotional pain I was in cannot be put into words. The anger, sadness and depression not only hurt my personal life, but my professional life as well.

Then two things happened.

  1. I sought out grief counseling and therapy. After many, many months I finally learned how to talk about the emotional trauma I was suffering. Which is often the hardest step.
  2. I got a dog. The doctors and councilor kept telling that a dog would help with the depression (since drugs alone weren’t doing the trick). It would give me something to care about, another living creature that would need me to survive and provide that unconditional love I so desperately needed.

Ever so slowly, I began working my way out of that dark hole I’d dug myself into. I started smiling again. I started laughing again.

I started being happy again.

Now 2013 is coming to a close. The best part? My mother is here to share it with me. She has defied all the odds and is still going strong. 🙂 The doctors were impressed with how well she responded to the chemo treatment. Even now, several months off chemo and the tumor is still shrinking. A holiday miracle if I ever heard of one. 🙂

Bring it on 2014, bring it on!

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