Drunken Roommate Story

Friday afternoon I get a text from Dr. K (aka the Roommate) informing me that she was being dragged to a company Christmas party by co-workers and might need a ride home as heavy drinking would probably be involved.

No problem. Although, I made the mistake of not asking where the party was. Word of advice, If your friend has requested a ride home before they go party, ALWAYS ask where said party is at before they get shit faced. Other wise you may experience the following phone conversation:

Dr K: I need a ride home.

Me: Okay, where are you at?

Dr. K: The bar

Me: …This is Las Vegas. There are over 100 bars in the city. Which particular bar are you at?

Dr. K: …Flamingo

Me: Flamingo the Casino, Flamingo the road or Flamingo the useless pink bird?

Dr. K: ….What?


Dr. K:  Don’t yell. …I already told you, I’m at the RoadRunner on Flamingo road. You need to listen better.

Me: …..Kay, I’ll work on that. Be there in in 15 mins.

I then received follow up texts every 2-3 minutes to check on my progress. When I finally made it to the bar, Dr. K had convinced herself that I now hated her and I had to listen apologize ALL THE WAY HOME.


I couldn’t have a roommate who is a “happy” drunk. Oh, no. I get the “apologetic” drunk.