My nieces and nephews, being part of the social media generation, will never understand what life was like before cellphones and Twitter. To them I am a dinosaur.

Just call me Denver. Denver the Last Dinosaur.

Here are 7 things kids today will never understand:


  1. Rotary phone – That’s right kids, if you mis-dialed on this thing you had to hang up and start over, from the beginning.


  2. TV Consoles with a dial – You pysically had to get up to turn the channel. No remote controls.


  3. Atari – Before Nintendo, Playstation and X-box there was Atari. You actually had to blow on the game cartridge to get it to work.


  4. Candy Cigarets – That’s right kids, be just like dad! This was before FDA warning labels, lung cancer and soccer moms. I still remember the commercials were Doctors said its good for you to smoke.


  5. Be Kind, Rewind – VHS tapes. The best part was you couldn’t rewind the tape in the VHS machine because it would ruin it. You had to by a seperate Re-winder machine for that.


  6. He-Man and She-ra – Best cartoon ever. I’d wake up early every Saturday morning so I could watch them.


  7. Sony Walkman – Pre-iPod. Every once in a while, the film would come unwound. You’d have to take a pencil and manually rewind the tape.