Things Only Kids From the 80’s Understand

My nieces and nephews, being part of the social media generation, will never understand what life was like before cellphones and Twitter. To them I am a dinosaur.

Just call me Denver. Denver the Last Dinosaur.

Here are 7 things kids today will never understand:


  1. Rotary phone – That’s right kids, if you mis-dialed on this thing you had to hang up and start over, from the beginning.


  2. TV Consoles with a dial – You pysically had to get up to turn the channel. No remote controls.


  3. Atari – Before Nintendo, Playstation and X-box there was Atari. You actually had to blow on the game cartridge to get it to work.


  4. Candy Cigarets – That’s right kids, be just like dad! This was before FDA warning labels, lung cancer and soccer moms. I still remember the commercials were Doctors said its good for you to smoke.


  5. Be Kind, Rewind – VHS tapes. The best part was you couldn’t rewind the tape in the VHS machine because it would ruin it. You had to by a seperate Re-winder machine for that.


  6. He-Man and She-ra – Best cartoon ever. I’d wake up early every Saturday morning so I could watch them.


  7. Sony Walkman – Pre-iPod. Every once in a while, the film would come unwound. You’d have to take a pencil and manually rewind the tape.


2 thoughts on “Things Only Kids From the 80’s Understand

  1. Man I miss blowing my cartridges. Also, I never realized it until now, but She-Ra – Princess of Power, girlfriend was kinda slutty. How are you supposed to properly fight evil with your little skirt all up around your C U Next Tuesday?

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