It’s Picture Time!

Since there was nothing better to do this lazy Sunday afternoon, I took some holiday pictures of Bear in front of the Christmas tree.

May I present, Rudolf the blue-nosed reindeer…



He could really care less. As long as there is treat involved, I can dress him up in as many goofy hats as I please.

Dr. K’s dog Max on the other hand, did NOT enjoy getting his picture taken.

So much HATE!

I could be wrong, but I think he was trying to kill me with the Force.

I did manage to get an “evil-eye” free photo …eventually. I think he just gave up at this point.


3 thoughts on “It’s Picture Time!

  1. I feel like if dogs had opposable thumbs, they would surely go on a mass killing spree over the ridiculous things we force them to wear. Mine would have chopped me to bits in my sleep years ago.

    • Although it would be AWESOME because then they could be trained to potty in the toilet and flush afterwards. Opposable thumbs might be a win here.
      ….aside from the whole killing rampage they’d go on first.

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