I’m not Wonder Woman, but I’m Kinda Awesome

***Text message conversation I had today with my friend Lizzie. Complete with dyslexic spelling errors :)***

Lizzie: After reading your blog, I need your help managing pain. It makes me a baby each time.

Me: Aawwww…..

Lizzie: You’re like Wonder Woman!

Me: I wish! I want those silver bracelets and the lasso.

Lizzie: Gold dear. She’s extra fancy.

Me: The Lasso is gold, the bracelets are silver. See?


Lizzie: You need titanium, more durable.

Me: lol! I think I’ll skip the invisible plane though.

Lizzie: YES!

Me: I’d just lose the thing.

Lizzie: Get an alarm or a tracker on your phone.

Me: Only if the alarm system comes with Artificial Intelignece so it can tell me when I’m getting warmer.


Lizzie: OMG! That’s perfect!

Me: lol! Can I put this on my blog tonight?

Lizzie: Oh yes, Just change my name. I want one better than Dr. K
She Really isn’t a doctor is she?

Me: No. She has her Doctorite. No PhD …Which she reminds me of every chance she gets, so I call her Dr. K . 🙂

Lizzie: Of course she does Hahahahaha


Me: Whatever

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