The Curse of Curly Hair

For those of you who do not suffer the curse that is curly hair, here is everything you’re not missing out on:


  • On a good day, my hair does not resemble a rat’s nest. and falls neatly around my shoulders
  • Soaking wet my hair goes past my shoulders. I lose a good three inches or more to those curls when my hair is dry
  • Blow drying my hair seems to anger it and I end up looking like some weird chia pet. no matter how much product I dump on my head.
  • Straightening my hair just pisses it off more and I end up looking like I just stepped out of an 80’s movie.
  • Humidity just makes it frizzy
  • Long curly hair is time consuming. I’d go though a bottle of gel and hairspray in a day
  • Short curly hair just makes me look like a poodle. Seriously, the shorter the hair the tighter the curls. And forget about humidity. Then if just turns into a giant puff-ball and I have an instant afro.

To make a long story short, having curly hair is a pain in the ass.

My hair has been the bane of my existence for much of my life. When I was younger my hair was really long and it would tangle very easily. My mother would spend hours getting all the tangles out and I’d be crying the whole time. Mostly because half way into the detangling she’d get mad and just start yanking the brush though my hair.

That shit hurts!

Everyone’s hair is different and for me, most shampoo and conditioners leave my hair a dried out rats nest. However, there is one brand that works quite well TIGI Caltwalk products:

tigi-bed-head-curls-rock-tween-duo catwalk-curls-rock

It’s expensive, but this shit works ya’ll!

I even found a cheaper alternative for those months when I can’t afford to spend $50.00 + on hair care products. It’s called Organix.

Organix Argan Oil Collection

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