Holiday Spirit Fail

Yesterday the roommate, Dr. K, decided it was time to get off our lazy asses and put up all the Christmas decorations.

For the record, Bear and I were quite happy being lazy.


The tree went up without much incident, and looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.


Then came the outside decorations.

Dr. K – We need to put up lights on the bushes and that big tree and maybe hang some from the garage. The neighbor hung his up on the roof and it looks really pretty.

Me – I am not getting on a ladder to string lights along the roof.

Dr. K – I am not asking you to!

Me – Are you going to do it?

Dr. K – No…

Me – I rest my case.


Dr. K – …and we could string some lights along the door and the entry archway. That would look festive. Do we have enough lights? Maybe we should go to Home Depot and buy more. We won’t have enough to do that and the bushes and the sidewalk and the big tree..

Me – What happened to just putting the lights on the bushes and calling it done?

Dr. K –  I changed my mind


Dr. K – So, we’re putting lights on the bushes and the sidewalk and I can put the icicle lights in the tree. …should we get a wreath for the door?

Me – Would you make up your fucking mind already?!?

Dr. K – Wow, Grinch. Someone is NOT in the holiday spirit here. And don’t throw my lights around like that, you’ll break them! You didn’t break them did you?!?!?


(I totally broke an entire string of lights when I tossed them on the sidewalk in the middle of my hissy fit.)

However, in the end the front yard turned out okay. Once we ran to Home Depot and bought more lights.


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