Mornings ….meh


This pretty much sums up my relationship with mornings. I can’t stand them and they keep coming around to make my life miserable.

Typical morning routine:

6:15 AM – Stumble out of bed after hitting snooze for the third time. Make it down the stairs without killing myself. (bonus!)

6:16 AM – Let Bear outside.

6:18 AM – Let Bear back inside and feed him.

6:20 AM – Make coffee (VERY IMPORTANT)

6:25 AM – Make it back up the stairs and get ready for work

6:35 AM – Roommate is up and being the glowing ray of sunshine that she is, attempts to “chat” while I am doing my hair. Grumble loudly until she goes away.

6:40 AM – Roommate is back and asks a random question. Growl and curse until she leaves.

6:50 AM – Grab coffee on the way out the door. The drive to work consists of more grumbling at horrible drivers and cursing stupid people.

7:05 AM – Mumble good morning to people on my way into work. Co-workers avoid  conversation altogether until the first cup of coffee is finished.

8:00 AM – acquire second cup of coffee. Basic conversations can be held at this time. If growling continues, emergency chocolate rations are tossed into my cubical.

9:00 AM – Awake enough to wish I was back in bed

2 thoughts on “Mornings ….meh

  1. Please do share your methods. Is it simply the growling, or is there a preface in place? I need to arrange for emergency chocolate rations to be showered upon me whilst I work.

    • LOL! Being the ray of sunshine that I am at 7:00 am, I usually start cursing at my computer shortly after I sit down, If I get too loud I am kindly told to drink my coffee and shut my face. If I’m still grumbling 20 – 30 mins later, chocolate usually finds it’s way into my cubical. 😉 I’m not sure which one of my coworkers figured out coffee + chocolate = a happy Margie, but bless them for it. It’s hard to growl at people when you have chocolate, because let’s face it, it makes everything better. 🙂

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