Yesterday was spent in true Thanksgiving fashion, eating way too much food and laying around half comatose from said food. Throw in some football and board games with the family and you have your self a pretty awesome day.

My sister and my niece made an amazing apple pie. 🙂


After the entire family had stuffed ourselves silly, my sister reminded us that it’s not just about the food. We cannot forget the brave people who first settled in, what is now, Massachusetts and struggled for survival. They had little food and no shelter, just a disease ridden ship that had already claimed many lives. If not for the Native Americans, things could have turned out quite different.

And so, we must give thanks for everything the year brought us and everything the coming year will provide.

…But mostly it’s about the food.

It was also Bear’s first Birthday! It’s hard to believe that the tiny six week old ball of wrinkles I adopted has gone from this



To this!